Prerequisite Drills for the Back Kaboom on Trampoline

kaboom on trampoline

The back kaboom on trampoline can be one of the most important skills for artistic gymnasts to learn on trampoline.

We use the back kaboom on trampoline as one of our prerequisites before an athlete is allowed to flip a Yurchenko vault to a landing surface. However, there are some drills that MUST be taught on trampoline before learning the trampoline kaboom. 

The 3 prerequisite drills for the back kaboom on trampoline.

Before going straight to learning the kaboom on trampoline there are 3 prerequisite skills we teach to safely progress onto the back kaboom.

1. Back drop with pullover to table bounce

Your athlete should maintain a round hollow back shape (turtle shell) throughout this salto drill. 

2. Back drop with pullover to feet

Like mentioned in step 1 your athlete should maintain a round hollow back shape (turtle shell) throughout this salto drill. They should keep their eyes on the trampoline throughout the landing.

Not a prerequisite but a bonus drill – Back drop with pullover to back

This is a back salto from your back to your back again. Although, not a prerequisite to the kaboom it is a prerequisite to learning a back tuck salto on trampoline.

3. All the prerequisites in this video including the back tuck salto on trampoline

The Back Kaboom on Trampoline

After these steps are completed, you can safely go on to learning the back kaboom. Check out our post Learn the Back Kaboom on Trampoline!

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